Tyrolean DNA admixture and genetic structure

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Interesting information for genetic genealogy and populations genetics of human DNA from the historical Tyrol region (South Tyrol, North Tyrol, East Tyrol, Trentino) and bordering regions of Central Europe: Austria (Vorarlberg, Salzburg, Carinthia/Kärnten, Upper Austria/Oberösterreich, Styria/Steiermark), North Italy (Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Piemonte, Aosta, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany), Switzerland (Graubünden/Grisons, St. Gallen), South Germany (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg), Slovenia, Croatia, East/Alpine France (Alsace, Franche-Comté, Lorraine, Rhône-Alpes), Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania.

Autosomal and complete genome

admixture example


  • South Tyrolean Isolated Populations Y-DNA (UEP), mtDNA, and 8 Alu Polymorphisms, Pichler, Mueller, Stefanov et al. 2006 (277 samples)
    Y-DNA Puster Valley (n=35) P* (xR1a) 47%, BR* (xDE, JR) 34%, E* (xE3a) 9%, R1a* 6%, L 3%, Y* (xBR, A3b2) 3%
    Y-DNA Eisack Valley (n=34) P* (xR1a) 46%, BR* (xDE, JR) 29%, R1a* 15%, E* (xE3a) 3%, K* (xL, N3, O2b, P) 3%, E3a 3%
    Y-DNA Badiot Valley (n=24) P* (xR1a) 58%, BR* (xDE, JR) 21%, R1a* 13%, L 8%
    Y-DNA Lower Vinschgau (n=32) P* (xR1a) 47%, BR* (xDE, JR), R1a1 13%, E* (xE3a) 3%, K* (xL, N3, O2b, P) 3%
    Y-DNA Upper Vinschgau (n=32) P* (xR1a) 56%, BR* (xDE, JR) 31%, E* (xE3a) 9%, R1a1 3%
    Y-DNA Stilfs (n=37) P* (xR1a) 35%, BR* (xDE, JR) 32%, E* (xE3a) 14%, K* (xL, N3, O2b, P) 14%, R1a1 3%, E3a 3%
    Y-DNA South Tyrol (n=194) P* (xR1a) 47%, BR* (xDE, JR) 31%, E* (xE3a) 7%, R1a* 5%, K* (xL, N3, O2b, P) 4%, R1a1 3%, L 2%, E3a 1%, Y* (xBR, A3b2) 1%
  • South Tyrol three microisolates (MICROS) Genetic study, Pattaro et al. 2007 (1175 participants)
  • South Tyrol Isolates Value for Genetic Dissection of Complex Diseases, Marroni, Pichler et al. 2006 (403 males)

Y-DNA and mtDNA

Y-DNA (Y-Chromosome, Paternal Line)

Tyrolean Y-DNA Publications

mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA, Maternal Line)


Bordering Regions

North Italy

Germany (South)

  • Paternal genetic landscape of Polish and German (incl. Bavarian Augsburg/Swabia), Rębała, Martínez-Cruz, Tönjes, Kovacs et al. 2012 (Augsburg/Swabia N=218, 39 HG, 19 STR)
    I1-M253* 13,8%, R1b-U106* 11,5%, R1b-U106-L48 9,2%, R1a-M17-M458 7,8%, E1b-V13 6,9%, R1b-P312* 6,9%, R1b-U152-L2* 5,5%, R1a-M17* 4,6%, R1b-U152* 3,7%, G2a-P15 3,2%, I1-M253-L22 3,2%, J2a-M410-M67* 3,2%, I2-M423 2,8%, R1b-L23* 2,8%, I2-M223 2,3%, J2a-M410* 2,3%, J2b-M241 1,4%, R1b-L21 1,4%, etc.


Italy (incl. Mid)

South Italy




  • Brazilian Y-Chromosome Lineages, Carvalho-Silva et al. 2001, [1]

Europe / Mediterranean

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